Why invest in the UK?

The London property market is one of the most coveted investment markets in the world. Relatively shielded from fluctuations in global markets, it provides a safe, stable and secure haven in which to transact. Capital appreciation is strong and rental yields remain consistent.

The UK offers a robust, business-friendly environment to reliably expand, trade and invest. The UK has a mature, high-spending consumer market and an open, liberal economy, world-class talent and a business-friendly regulatory environment.

With property forecasts suggesting the UK could see prices grow by 21.5% by 2025, UK investing remains a reliable channel for maximising returns amidst low interest rates and incredible demand.

Top reasons why London is best to invest..

1 .Financial security  , 2 .Safety in numbers  ,  3 .Rental heaven  , 4 .Great returns  , 5 .More tenants than places   , 6 . Investment and innovation ,  7 .Bright lights, big city  , 9 .Respect

The property market is of course subject to the same vagaries as these markets however, it has the potential for greater stability in the long term and this is especially true for London which has shown no reduction in its popularity or tenant demand.For many clients, foreign investment in London’s property market offers an opportunity for a diverse investment portfolio.London has never wavered in its popularity as a city for work and play. As a consequence, professionals are prepared to pay a premium for the right property. For landlords, the annual rental yields can be between 3-5%, and in conjunction with capital growth on the value of the property, this brings enviable returns on investment. London may have great historical precedent but it’s always been a city that has innovated and rebuilt.London is a great place to live and work with a unique vibe.

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